Friday, May 11, 2012

Ramey & Smith Ranch....

At a young age of 2 my Grandpa Ramey taught me so much from swinging a hammer wiring electrical to shooting guns riding horses to riding bikes and how to live off the land and most of all how to be a man...My grandpa has had this property since before I was born and raised his 7 kids on this land. I learned most of my knowledge on that property. My grandpa passed on April 2 2009 and handed my Uncle the property of course being he was the only son grandpa had. I have wanted this property ever since I was a young lad, and finally after all these years my dream has come true. My Uncle offered me this property and told me there is no one else I would rather see get this. I am truly lucky to have a wonderful family.
My first Tractor ride on the Satoh mowing the pasture with my
Grandpa Ramey

The pasture 

The Shop from the side

The Yard

The Yard

The House.

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