Friday, March 30, 2012

Most important things in life....

Few things in life truely mean so much to me..
I would be no where in life without my family..
To my family I Love you all....
Mom and Dad how you delt with such a
hell raiser like me i don't know how you did it..
Thank You for molding me who I am today..

Lt. Col Ramey my Grandfather aka "Old Iron Ass"
You never put up with anyone's shit and showed me
family always comes first....

Grandma and Grandpa Ramey.
Grandma your love for life and family has made an impact on
everyone of us in our family I was honored to be called your
"LIL SHIT"..I will never forget your support for me as you made
as many baseball and basketball games as you could...
I miss ya..

Myself,Mom,Brother Ryan, and Grandpa Smitty
My Brother Ryan you are gay  but your my brother and i love ya...
I never got to know you grandpa Smitty as i was to small to remember.
I wish i could have met you in later years...

To my Dad...You have always been in my corner and had my
back no matter what I did good or bad..I hope i can be as good as father as you.

To my Grandpa Ramey who "Taught me everything I know and
I still know nothing"

Brother Ryan Me  Brother Sean..
Fuck did we all fight alot..hahah good times

To My New family...My first child...

To an amazing  Wonder of the world..
                                                 Too my two favorite Friends...I love you  both
                                                   Gunner my retarded lab and Brittany my wonderful soon to be babies momma.