Monday, January 9, 2012

What a Party!!

The Man of the hour...SHANE HALL!

Road side fix...Thanks Hippie!

Darin with Legendary Austin Hall Shmasted!!!

Was Steve really the fat chick all along??

Best Harmonica Player ever..He road up at winters gas station
on his 67 shovel and followed us to the party..
What a ruler he jumped on stage and started to rock with the band
...His new road name is Chevron.

Fire show per steve...

Pete and Repete killing it!!

Yes there real!

Yes Steve is real!

Taco truck!!

Burn outs!

Hottie ewoks

Side view of my babe! Shes sexy

Wrecks happen when your wasted and 3 people on a
10 foot long bike!


Drinking Beer Tittie milk! Jason Martinez Fuck you!

Shes always so happy!

Then she cheated on me during the
hot dog contest!


Yup even ewoks party hard with pregnant chicks!

Hangover cure!

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