Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hawthorne ride....Cant wait for next year...

A True American Hero!

Chad getting down on the 12string.

Super mega tight bros minus a few!

The start of a shit ride home..

Water boots.

at one with god.

miss this bike!

Hardcore hall about to rob the bar...

Brandon getting in shape so a marine wont slit his throat.

its always my fuckin bike

new christian rock cover album

The nothing.

True love

jb hungover from his gin and juice.

scooby doobie doo

lucky acorn?????

warp speed


  1. this was such a blast

    this coming year will only be better :)

  2. i cant wait man hope the weather aint shit!! but still was fun!!It will be time to break in the long bike!

  3. I will never miss this ride. Even if it snows. There is no place I would rather be .. haha